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Stack of pancakes, butter pad and maple syrup sitting on plate Black sign with white lettering Vermont Sugarhouses Open House Weekend

Vermont Sugarhouses Open House Weekend 2016

It’s sweet, it makes the perfect topping for pancakes, it’s delicious when used to make candy, and it is all over the state of Vermont. Do you know what we are talking about? You guessed it! Maple Syrup! It is the sweet nectar from Mother Nature herself and the state… Read More

Two hikers with backpacks and sticks walking along a rocky trail through dense forest.

Vermont Long Trail: The Ultimate Hiking Adventure

With Vermont being a state that attracts those who love the great outdoors, we host many guests from all over the country that enjoy biking, walking, hiking, fishing, skiing, and more. While we usually share things to do near our inn in Middlebury, VT, we wanted to highlight Vermont’s Long… Read More