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Jobs at Swift House Inn

two female gardeners with a wagon filled with gardening supplies outdoors
Lisa Sommer and Addison Copeland at Swift House Inn, Middlebury, Vermont. Caleb Kenna Photography

Why Work at Swift House Inn?

Swift House Inn is a small business, which means that your hard work shows results immediately. We are currently a fun-loving team of just under 30, which means every worker is a critical team player, essential to the success of our inn and restaurant. Both of the owners, Matthew Robinson and Serena Kim, are on the premises everyday, managing and supervising the team themselves. 

They are committed to providing a workplace that prioritizes dignity for the worker, a fair market wage, a safe and nurturing working environment, and hopefully, a fun place to work. Both Matthew and Serena have worked hard all their lives and understand what it’s like to be on the employees’ side. They make their management decisions with this in mind, especially in this tough and competitive labor market! 

The business is essentially divided into three parts. The inn includes a dedicated and efficient housekeeping staff and a team of front desk agents, who specialize in creating a knowledgeable experience for the guests. David Herren manages Jessica’s restaurant waitstaff, while Rob Fenn oversees the kitchen staff, including a team of cooks and dishwashers. Last, but certainly not least, Swift House Inn employs a devoted and experienced gardening and landscaping team who show up everyday to beautify the grounds.  

Every individual worker is essential to the smooth operation of Jessica’s and Swift House Inn. When you work here, you join a family who works together, plays together, and eats together. Everyone looks out for each other, and understands how critical it is that the team functions as a whole. 

What will you bring to the team?

Open Positions

We are currently accepting job applications for candidates interested in these roles: