Bartlett Falls: A Top Swimming Hole in Bristol, VT

Alongside Lincoln Road about a mile outside Bristol, VT, you will stumble across one of the top 10 swimming holes in New England: Bartlett Falls. What you will quickly realize though is that this is not just another swimming hole. Bartlett Falls is a large waterfall in the gorge of the New Haven River. The layered bedrock leave natural ledges and benches along the side of the pool below the falls—perfect for keeping a watch on younger ones in the water or for reading a favorite book in the warm Vermont sunshine.

The 14-foot falls plunge into a deep sparkling pool 40-feet wide and 120-feet long. The surrounding ledges provide many places from which to jump—just be careful to look where you are jumping! The rocks can be slippery but it is fun to swim across the pool to the rock edge on the other side. From there you can walk along the edge to actually stand underneath it. A little ways down from the waterfall, the water becomes shallow and you can find great picnicking spots along the shore. If you go above the falls, there are some bedrock ledges that make for some fun water slides when the water is low. The current is simply too strong to do this in high water. There is also a large cave behind the falls to explore and cool off. It is actually a very relaxing spot to just sit and watch the falls.

Even though the summer months are winding down, there is still plenty of warm sunshine here in Vermont and it’s a perfect time to visit us at Swift House Inn. In addition to the falls there is a variety of great things to do and see, places to shop, and restaurants to try. Sneak in an end-of-summer getaway or make a plan for the fall when things are a bit quieter. Our 20-room former governor’s mansion offers the essence of New England warmth with all of the amenities you love at home. Contact us at (866) 388-9925 or feel free to check availability online.

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