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Dog Policy

We love dogs at Swift House Inn, one of the few Vermont bed-and-breakfasts to allow dogs to stay with their families. 

Just a few notes to make sure that all our canine guests’ tails remain wagging during their visit:

  1. Keep your dog on leash. Even the really good ones.
  2. Please don’t leave your dog alone in the room when you leave the property! He’s gonna miss you!
  3. There is a $50.00 fee per night (maximum 2 dogs) to defray the additional housekeeping cost. We donate half of this fee to Homeward Bound, our local pet adoption shelter. 
  4. Dogs are welcome in any of our Carriage House guest rooms, in Room 20 in the Main House, and in Room 31 in the Gate House. If there’s a mess, we may add a surcharge to cover the cost of any room or property damage caused by you know who.
  5. In your doggie amenity basket are bowls, toys, poop bags, treats, and a brown or gray towel.  Please use this towel on your furry friend. The white ones are for humans only.
  6. This goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: Please, please, please pick up after your dog!

That’s it!

There are lots of beautiful places to walk your dog at Swift House Inn and around Middlebury. Ask us about great hikes to take with your dog, too. 

Have fun!

Elsa and Kubrick
Canine Concierges