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Gourmet dish of noodles and mussels - photo by carissa gan

Storm Café: A Hidden Gem in Middlebury, VT

Don’t you find that it is often those places off the beaten path just a little that provide the most memorable experiences? With owning a bed and breakfast in Middlebury, VT we have the inside scoop on the best things to see and do—both from our own experiences and from… Read More

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Warm Up This Winter at Two Brothers Tavern

Do you remember the 1980s television sitcom, “Cheers?” It premiered in 1982 and ran for eleven seasons until 1993. Its theme song was, “Where Everybody Knows Your Name,” which was fitting for a show about a place where people walked in and felt like part of a family. … Read More

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Stonecutter Spirits: Where Age Matters

Mark Twain, the famous American author known for his famous books such as, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” once said, “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter!” While most of us could do without the aging process while we find whatever works… Read More

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Boyers Orchard and Cider Mill – Monkton, VT

Do you have any special fall traditions that you either grew up doing with your family as a child or have started with your own? The fall season is one that seems to bring out many traditions, whether it be color tour drives, baking anything and everything with… Read More

Yellow sign portraying a fireball, brown lettering Fire & Ice Restaurant

Vermont Landmark Fire and Ice Restaurant

Fire and Ice has been landmark restaurant in the Middlebury, VT area since 1974. With such a unique name, it is no surprise there is story behind it. The name in fact actually comes from the work of local poet, Robert Frost. “Fire” is behind the passion for cooking… Read More