Tree with red and orange leaves in the middle of pond, surrounded with plush green trees.

Fall Paddling Trip Down Otter Creek, VT

The state of Vermont has numerous unspoiled waterways—hidden treasures that allow outdoor enthusiasts to become one with nature. Drifting down a beautiful river with picturesque views and diverse wildlife all around may just be the most serene and perfect way… Read More

Brown basket of red apples and green leaves, Woodchuck Cider House Sign

Woodchuck Cider House in Middlebury, VT

Whether it is Pear, Raspberry, Granny Smith, Local Nectar or Amber, the Woodchuck Cider House in East Middlebury, VT brings a unique cider experience that represents the passion and creativity that is at the root of it all. This cider house has humble beginnings as it all began in… Read More

Strong flowing waterfall surrounded by rocky terrain with dense green trees and shrubs.

Summer Vermont Waterfall Tour

There are several things in nature that are simply mesmerizing and a beautiful waterfall definitely tops the list. The roar of the water crashing down, the shimmer of the glistening spray, and the true force of nature make a waterfall… Read More