A Shopper’s Guide to the Stone Mill Public Market

Are you looking to do some shopping during your stay in Middlebury? The Stone Mill Public Market is the perfect starting place. Located right in downtown Middlebury, the market was created in 2019 by Stacey Rainey and Mary Cullinane and has blossomed since its inception. The beautiful stone building, originally built in 1789, overlooks the famous Middlebury Falls and also includes lodging and workspaces. The Public Market occupies the first floor and is a unique shopping experience because it is not just one shop, but a number of different businesses all in one space. Each “store” has its own little section of the floor, but you can purchase items all together at the front register.

The stores being highlighted at the market have changed since the Public Market first opened. Currently, the market features Slate Home, the Kitchen, the Stone Mill Collection, Dedalus Wine & Cheese, and Vermont Eclectic. Most of these shops have their own locations elsewhere in Vermont, so if you have more time, you may be inspired to visit their larger stores during a day trip. At the far end of the floor is the Lost Monarch café, so you can grab a cup of coffee to sip on while you peruse the goods. Here’s the rundown on the Public Market’s offerings:

Slate Home

Slate Home is the first shop on the left when you enter the building from the street-side entrance. It exudes calm and comforting energy with home items that are perfect for pampering. They’ve got candles, lotions, leather bags, scarves, bath bombs, and more. I purchased an ice tray for making extra large square ice cubes for drinks! You can check out their main location on Church Street in Burlington.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is the newest addition to the Stone Mill Public Market. It is the only part of Stone Mill that exclusive to the location. The owners, Mary and Stacey, created the Kitchen to fill the need for kitchen goods within their market. Pans, dishtowels, coffee beans, hot sauce, and lots more–this shop has many of the kitchen essentials you need in modern designs and fun colors.

The Stone Mill Collection

The Stone Mill Collection is probably the most varied in its selection of items. It has games, puzzles, home goods, clothing, jewelry, and more. It’s very colorful, and it’s easy to lose track of time inspecting all the different items. I spent lots of time here deciding which ring to buy for myself! I also bought a cute notebook and pen and spent some time playing a triangle peg game on display.

Dedalus Wine & Cheese

Housing a very impressive selection of wines in few square feet, Dedalus Wine & Cheese was brought to Middlebury by the Dedalus Wine Shop. Their main locations are in Burlington and Stowe, VT. The shop is packed with many different, carefully selected wines. There are also plenty of snacks perfect for pairing with your glass of wine–a delicious cheese selection, jams, chips, and more. Head to Dedalus to prepare for your next wine night.

Vermont Eclectic

Vermont Eclectic occupies the right side of the first floor. Need a souvenir from your trip to Vermont? Their tee-shirts are a perfect gift, or a fun clothing item to purchase for yourself. Their primary store is located in Woodstock, so if you go on a day trip there, you can check out their wider selection. Above the merchandise there are little blurbs of the Vermont artists who created the designs. You can also buy stickers here if you want something a little smaller! I bought a couple to stick onto my laptop.

Lost Monarch

At the far end of the market is a little café called the Lost Monarch. After taking a first look at the offerings in the shops, I ordered a shaken iced maple latte with oat milk so that I’d have energy to keep shopping! There were lots of Middlebury College students hanging out and studying in this area of the market. It’s always nice to see members of the college community and the townsfolk hanging out in the same space.

While this was my first time purchasing from Lost Monarch, the coffee itself was very familiar. This is because the café is owned by the same people who own Royal Oak Coffee, a café just a couple minutes away on Seymour Street, closer to Swift House Inn. Royal Oak came to Middlebury in May 2019 when the owners, Matt and Aless, teamed up with Vivid Coffee Roasters in Winooski. It’s very special to have small local coffee shops in Middlebury that are run by people who really care about their coffee.

The Mad Taco

The Mad Taco is located on the floor below the Public Market in the Stone Mill. It’s a little tricky to notice on its own, but luckily they have a giant flag that advertises their “TACOS AND BEER” to make it easier to find! They serve creative Latin cuisine in a very Vermont-y setting, with eclectic drawings and old ski trail signs decorating the room. They also have locations in Waitsfield, Montpelier, and Essex. Before or after your shopping, grab a bite and a house margarita for lunch or dinner here.

This is just a sneak peek at what the Stone Mill is like–pay a visit and you’ll see how much they have to offer!

A Shopper’s Guide to the Stone Mill Public Market

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