How to Prepare Swift House Inn for Fall

Now that the autumn equinox has officially come and gone, it’s time to embrace the approaching cool weather and changing leaves and get Swift House Inn ready for fall! Here are some of the ways that we prepare for the new season to make it fun and cozy for all our guests.

Decorate the property

Serena and Matthew love to embrace the fall season and the fun decorating that comes with it. Pumpkins, corn stalks, hay bales, and fall mums are appearing all over the Swift House property, bringing an autumnal spirit to Swift House Inn as the leaves begin to change. The decor will only get better as Halloween approaches!

Craft Autumn Cocktails

Crisp green apples from Happy Valley Orchard in Middlebury. Photo by Serena Kim.

Laura Fenn, our resident mixologist, is an expert in crafting the perfect cocktails for each season. Fall in Vermont means an abundance of fresh, local apple cider to use in a new seasonal drink. Laura has just added “Rummy Cider” to her specialty cocktail list, a delicious combination of spiced rum and cider topped with a dash of cinnamon. When asked about the drink, Laura said, “That’s what I’ve always called it. Crisp and refreshing, just like a fall breeze.” Come into the bar to try this new drink, as well as her other delectable concoctions! Combine a trip to the bar with dinner at Jessica’s for a perfect fall evening.

Plant bulbs for the spring

Part of the start of fall means looking ahead to the spring! In order to have beautiful flowers for the spring season, bulbs have to be planted in the late summer to early fall. Our garden crew has been making sure that the inn looks gorgeous year-round and preparing the property to have beautiful blossoms in the springtime.

Decorate the inside of Swift House Inn

Photo by Anna Wright.

In addition to an abundance of decorations for the outdoors, we also like to bring the fall decor inside! Since guests will spend more time inside as the weather gets colder, it is important to make sure that the indoor spaces are extra inviting. This means buying new indoor potted plants for the common spaces and decorating with fun fall items like miniature gourds.

Prepare the fireplaces

Micah poses with chopped firewood. Photo by Serena Kim.

Swift House Inn has many cozy indoor fireplaces to warm up by in the fall and winter months. Guests in the Carriage House and some of the Main House rooms have the luxury of in-room fireplaces. The Main House has a fireplace in the lobby, as well as three in Jessica’s. They provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere as the weather outside cools down. However, as fellow Vermonters know, fireplaces take work! Part of our job is to acquire the necessary materials for the fireplaces themselves to function properly and to purchase and chop plenty of wood for the season. It may require extra work, but it is certainly worthwhile to have roaring fireplaces all over the inn.

Fireplace in the Woodbury Room in the Carriage House. Elizabeth Campbell Photography.

These are a few of the ways that we get ready for fall at Swift House Inn. We hope that you are as excited for the season as we are!

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