7 Romantic Ways to Experience Fall Around Middlebury

Nothing beats a New England fall, and Vermont just may be the best state to experience the season’s full magnificence. Middlebury is a perfect spot to visit for a romantic autumn getaway and to enjoy the colorful foliage. Here are seven ways to make the most of autumn offerings in the area.

red apples on tree
Photo by Serena Kim

Walk or hike the Trail Around Middlebury.

Photo by Serena Kim.

The Trail Around Middlebury is a large loop that circles the town of Middlebury. The whole trail is over 18 miles, but don’t worry–you don’t have to hike all of it at once to experience the TAM’s beauty. There are a number of smaller trail sections to enjoy for a more manageable stroll, or you can choose a longer portion of the trail for a more active hike. Get out in nature to fully appreciate the autumn leaves.

Go apple picking at Happy Valley Orchard and eat cider donuts.

Photo by Serena Kim.

Happy Valley Orchard provides a gorgeous setting for one of fall’s most quintessential activities right in Middlebury. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful orchard with a wide variety of apple trees. After picking your apples, be sure to grab some homemade apple cider and their scrumptious cider donuts!

Take a boat ride on Lake Champlain.

Photo by Anna Wright.

Vermont may be a landlocked state, but it still has plenty of beautiful water to enjoy in different ways all year round. Lake Champlain offers a spectacular setting for boat tours that are available into the fall. Check out Spirit of Ethan Allen to see their cruise offerings.

See the waterfalls in downtown Middlebury from the benches at The Historic Marble Works District.

Photo by Serena Kim.

A number-one spot for tourist photo ops with delicious food available right by the water. Grab a bite to eat from Noonie’s Deli or American Flatbread, then have a seat in front of the cascading falls and enjoy the gorgeous view.

Visit the beautiful horses at Morgan Horse Farm.

Photo by Serena Kim.

University of Vermont owns and runs this gorgeous farmland only minutes from downtown Middlebury. Vermont’s state animal is the majestic Morgan Horse, and the farm has over 40 of these beautiful animals. Go see them soon–their season ends on October 23.

Stroll around Middlebury College and feel like a student again.

Middlebury College has a stunning campus that strikes a perfect balance of being part of the town while also providing a distinct campus for its students. Beautiful year-round, the campus excels during Vermont’s famous fall foliage. While in Middlebury, make sure to explore this top-ranked college during Vermont’s loveliest season.

Enjoy the sauna at Swift House Inn as a guest in the Carriage House. Turn on the fireplace. And have dinner at Jessica’s

Caleb Kenna Photography.

Experience Swift House Inn at its most romantic. Guests in the Carriage House absolutely must take advantage of the sauna and in-room fireplaces during the fall season. A dinner at Jessica’s is a must, and cooler weather means we will soon be turning on the fireplaces in the main room and library of the restaurant, which makes for a perfect setting for an intimate dinner. Let us help you embrace autumn romance!

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