Put Your Mutt to Work!

Swift House Inn Co-owner Serena Kim pictured with her rescue dog, Kubrick. Photo credit: Plum Sanico

Every year employees across the country bring their dogs to work the Friday after Father’s Day. National Take Your Dog to Work Day originated in the United Kingdom in 1996. Then in 1999, Pet Sitters International founded its recognition in the United States as a way to celebrate the companionship between canine and human, and to inspire others to adopt from shelters and humane societies. And ever so inspired are we!

Middlebury’s local adoption center Homeward Bound and the historic Swift House Inn formed a partnership whereby the Inn will donate 50% of their pet fees to the shelter.

“Before Matthew and I met, he had never had a family dog and was skeptical about sharing his life with one,” says Serena Kim, Matthew’s fiancée and co-owner of Swift House Inn. “Then he fell in love with Kubrick, who was my rescue dog. Then we adopted Elsa, our Cavalier King Charles, from my mom who was struggling to housebreak her. Now Matthew is a devoted dog lover, and wants to share 50 percent of our pet fee with Homeward Bound. He understands how integral dogs are to our families and our well-being.”

Homeward Bound’s Executive Director, Jess Danyow, is excited about the collaboration. “Matthew and Serena have so much energy and genuine interest in our organization. They are really embracing this partnership. Not only will they be sending half of their pet fees to us, but they are going a step further and really promoting our organization to their guests with pets and encouraging them to make an additional donation to Homeward Bound. It’s remarkable!”

Swift House Inn owner, Matthew Robinson, adds, “We want people to feel at home when they stay with us and dogs are part of the family. We are pleased to be able to support our local humane society at the same time we welcome guests from all over to our pet-friendly, full-service inn here in Addison County.”

Swift House Inn Pet Policy

We love dogs at Swift House Inn! We’re one of the few Vermont bed-and-breakfasts to allow dogs to stay with their families.

Just a few notes to make sure that all our canine guests tails remain wagging during their visit:

1. Keep your dog on leash. Even the really good ones.
2. Please don’t leave your dog alone in the room when you leave the property! They’re gonna miss you!
3. There is a $50.00 per dog per two-day stay to fee to defray the additional housekeeping cost. Half of the fee goes to Homeward Bound. 
4. Dogs are welcome in any of our Carriage House guest rooms. If there’s a mess, we may add a surcharge to cover the cost of any room or property damage caused by you know who.
5. In your doggie amenity basket are bowls, toys, poop bags, and a brown towel. Please use the gray or brown towel on your furry friend. The white ones are for humans only.
6. This goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: Please, please, please pick up after your dog!

That’s it!

There are lots of beautiful places to walk your dog at Swift House Inn and around Middlebury. Ask us about great hikes to take with your dog, too.

Have fun!

Elsa and Kubrick
Canine Concierges

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