Swift House Inn Presents New Cocktail to Celebrate the Blue Bar

Bartender serves blue cocktail
Bartender Laura Fenn serves up her creation, the Blue Bar Martini.

Swift House Inn presents a brand new cocktail to celebrate the Blue Bar. Meet Laura Fenn, the resident bartender at Swift House Inn, who has been delighting patrons with her beauty, exuberant personality, and highly creative cocktail concoctions for the past year. She also happens to be wife of Executive Chef Rob Fenn.

She’s particularly excited because her workspace just got a new coat of blue-ish paint. Owners Matthew and Serena have been making countless visits to Countryside Paint to look at paint samples and agonize over the possibilities.

Matthew and Serena didn’t take this radical new decision lightly. They knew that a lot of locals loved the bar exactly the way it was and didn’t want them to change a thing. But it was time for a refresh, and they are confident the locals will love this color as much as the previous one.

Matthew and Serena worked with Phil the carpenter to add new crown molding and overlays. They patched up holes and primed the walls. They picked up a few cans of paint samples, painted them next to each other on the wall, and marinated on the options for a few days, asking friends and staff for their input.

The decision was unanimous: Williamsburg Wythe Blue from Benjamin Moore.

They decided to paint the entire space the same color, forgoing the usual contrasting fireplace, trim, and window frames. The result is a more historic colonial vibe that is surprisingly fresh.

Just in time for Swift House Inn’s socially distanced New Year’s Eve dinner, Laura Fenn put together the cerulean cocktail with this recipe to commemorate the new color. Hopefully, it will make this big change a little easier to swallow for the locals.

Blue Bar Martini 

3 ounces of Haku vodka from Japan

1/2 ounce of Blue Curaçao

1/2 ounce of sour mix

1 Luxardo cherry for garnish

1 martini glass

Add vodka to shaker full of ice and shake. Then add the Curaçao and sour mix to shaker. Shake again. Gently place one cherry in the bottom of the martini glass. Shake up the cocktail one more time for good measure and pour.

The result is sweet, sour, intoxicating, tons of fun, and so very blue.

Enoy, and be sure to stop by and try the Blue Bar Martini at Jessica’s Restaurant at Swift House Inn.

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