Solarsweet Maple Farm Brings Sustainability and Syrup

Pancakes with berries and syrup - photo by Herson Rodriguez

It is that time of year again to talk about Maple Syrup! We are really proud of the local products that come out of Vermont and maple syrup just happens to be a really popular one. In fast, our state is the nation’s leading producer and we generate 42% of the country’s maple syrup. That’s pretty awesome! Solarsweet Maple Farm happens to be one of the passionate local producers not far from our inn and is definitely worth visiting the next time you are in town.

Solarsweet Maple Farm, located in the mountains of Lincoln, VT, is owned and operated by a dedicated couple named Rom and Rhonda Gadhue. They tap 23,000 maple trees on 200 acres of forested land and have been dedicated to using sustainable and energy efficient process each step of the way. Their state of the art sugarhouse is run completely on solar power and they have special boosters in the woods that aid in maximizing sap production without damaging the trees. These are just two of the ways they have found to use less energy and be environmentally conscience. The sugarhouse is a very warm and inviting place to relax and watch the maple syrup making process. You can sit at the reclaimed barn-board counter and enjoy some delicious maple treats.

When you buy syrup or any of our other maple goodies from here, you can be sure it’s a 100% Solar Sweet Maple Farm product. They have three kinds of syrup grades: Golden with Delicate Taste, Amber with Rich Taste, and Dark with Robust Taste. The golden is great for ice cream and pancakes and the dark is nice for baking and cooking. These tips are good to know if you will be making some purchases for Christmas presents while you are there!

It’s a great place to bring the family and enjoy some time at a fantastic local business—doing good things for the land we love and bringing delicious maple products that we love too! If you are thinking of booking a late fall getaway, don’t forget to check out our specials page for our Thanksgiving in Vermont package!

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