LuLu Ice Cream Brings Artisan Flair to Old Favorites

Two chocolate ice cream scoops sitting in sugar cones in a clear glass.
Vermont, like many other great states, is full of charming towns that boast some fantastic, quaint, locally owned shops and restaurants. Right here in Middlebury, we have some amazing shop owners who have grown up here and are now serving the community they love. Nearby in Bristol, VT, you’ll find a popular ice cream spot called Lu Lu that you’ll want to check out the next time you are town. 
Two passionate and creative sisters, Martha and Laura Mack started Lu Lu. They set up shop in a cute storefront on Main Street and typically have a line snaking out the door. The reason they have gained so many loyal fans is due in large part to their creative and delicious artisan ice creams. They are committed to making their ice cream in small batches so they are always sure the quality is never compromised and they use ingredients from local farms. For example, their milk and cream comes from Monument Farms Dairy, their coffee is sourced from the Vermont Coffee Company, and their seasonal berries come from Last Resort Farm right in Bristol.Their flavors are out of this world! Some of the favorites include Slumdog Millionaire, Salted Caramel, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Coffee Toffee. Their flavors change often so it’s fun to see what’s new. Ice cream speaks to any person, any age, from any walk of life and it tops off a great day adventuring around our bed and breakfast. If you are looking for an amazing place to vacation for a week or just spend a weekend getaway, take a look at our seasonal specials and things to do in the area and book online today.

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