Vermont Sugarhouses Open House Weekend 2016

Stack of pancakes, butter pad and maple syrup sitting on plate Black sign with white lettering Vermont Sugarhouses Open House Weekend

It’s sweet, it makes the perfect topping for pancakes, it’s delicious when used to make candy, and it is all over the state of Vermont. Do you know what we are talking about? You guessed it! Maple Syrup! It is the sweet nectar from Mother Nature herself and the state of Vermont happens to be the nation’s leading producer—with 1.3 million gallons generating 42% of the country’s maple syrup supply. Local sugar makers are extremely proud of the high quality products produced around the state and to show it all off, and give maple syrup fans a chance to learn more about it, Vermont has a Sugar House Open House Weekend every year.

Vermont’s Sugar House Open House Weekend will be taking place Apr 2-3, 2016 and in case you will be traveling through, or for the locals who need some scoop, we thought we’d share some highlights to look forward to. There are several sugarhouses throughout Vermont in operation during sugaring season and they excitedly open their doors to the public for open house weekend. Learn how the sap is removed from the trees and how it is turned into delicious golden brown maple syrup.

Many of the sugarhouses are offering similar activities and special treats including live music, tours, horse-drawn wagon rides, tastings, maple products, candy making demonstrations, and much more. Many of the sugarhouses are also within driving distance from each other so it would be fun to plan a route and make a whole weekend out of hopping from one to the next! Check out all of the Vermont sugarhouses and plan a fun weekend getaway. Book a room at our inn directly online for this open house weekend and give us a call to learn about the sugarhouses near us in Middlebury!

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