Vermont Long Trail: The Ultimate Hiking Adventure

Two hikers with backpacks and sticks walking along a rocky trail through dense forest.

With Vermont being a state that attracts those who love the great outdoors, we host many guests from all over the country that enjoy biking, walking, hiking, fishing, skiing, and more. While we usually share things to do near our inn in Middlebury, VT, we wanted to highlight Vermont’s Long Trail for guests who may be up for the ultimate hiking adventure.

Vermont’s Long Trail was America’s first long distance hiking trail. Starting at the Massachusetts state line, it traverses 272 miles to the Canadian border and shares the Appalachian Trail for about 100 miles. It was founded by the Green Mountain Club, who finished it in 1930 and continues to maintain it today. The Green Mountain Range is comprised of several peaks, such as Killington Peak, Mount Mansfield, and Camel’s Hump, and this trail summits all of them. A thru-hike, which is doing the complete trail in one continuous hike, would take a hiker approximately two to four weeks, depending on the mileage accomplished each day.

The upper elevation areas can get quite muddy during the spring months so hikers are encouraged to tackle the higher spots of the trail after Memorial Day. If you make it end-to-end, you actually get a special certification! More than 3100 hikers have received this so far. There are several resources available for planning a trip—the Long Trail Guide, Long Trail Map, and End to Ender’s Guide can all be found online. Another great resource provided by the Green Mountain Club is they can hook you up with an End-to-End mentor. Simply email your request and they will find the perfect match who can give you all the advice and tips needed for a successful trip.

While the Long Trail is primarily a summer/spring/early fall trail, you can enjoy parts of it during the winter for walking and snowshoeing. The Catamount Trail section in particular is also suggested for great cross-country skiing. If you end up planning a trip to this trail, we would love to host you during your stay in town and don’t forget to take your camera because the scenery will be spectacular!

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