Apples Galore at Happy Valley Orchard, VT

Brown basket with red apples with green leaves (Happy Valley Orchard)
Happy Valley Orchards, VT

There is nothing like the smell of crisp air in the fall, pumpkin goodies baking in the oven, and biting into a delicious, juicy apple picked fresh off the tree. Our bed and breakfast in Middlebury, VT just happens to be right nearby a wonderful orchard called Happy Valley Orchard—a great pit-stop for guests who are in for a one night stay or a weekend getaway.

At Happy Valley Orchard, you can see the pride and passion the owners have for what they do. There are a huge variety of apples grown including Red Delicious, McIntosh, Empire, Gala, Cortland, Vermont Gold, Newtown Pippin, Jonathan, and Wine sap. You may find some varieties here that you have never tried before.

The cider donuts that are made fresh everyday are also to die for! You just need to decide between plain or cinnamon and sugar. Our suggestion is to just go for the gusto and get a bunch of both because they won’t last long if you bring them home to a family of hungry people! You can also stock up on delicious apple cider that is pressed right there at the orchard as well as fresh produce from growers in the area. You can pick your own apples or fill your baskets with those in the store and every Tuesday is senior day where seniors get half off any size bag of McIntosh apples. You can also pick up gorgeous mums for your home and pumpkins for decoration or carving. It is a beautiful place that people visit every year and it just might become a Vermont tradition for you too.

Book a room online today and experience a memorable fall vacation before the leaves fall for good and the winter snow rolls in. We’d love to hear from you! What’s your favorite recipe to make with apples?

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