Summer Riding on the Champlain Valley Bikeways

Man and woman with helmets riding bikes on concrete path through dense green trees hanging overhead, wooden fence beside path.
two people biking on a trail
We all know that a healthy, active lifestyle is the key to not only feeling great but avoiding the many pitfalls that can arise when we don’t have one. Thankfully, we live in one of the most beautiful and scenic areas of the country and summertime brings some of the best opportunities to get outdoors. There are many local spots to go bike riding right outside the door of our inn but if you are looking for a bit of a challenge or some distance riding, we wanted to highlight the Lake Champlain Bikeways.
The Lake Champlain Bikeways actually encompass over 1,100 miles over two states and a dip into Canada. The area has been hailed as offering some of the finest cycling around as it offers rides through quaint, picturesque villages, serene country roads, past historic sites, next to beautiful farms, and peaceful shoreline parks.
There are 35 tours and loops that you can choose from and they range from 10 to 60 miles in length. Imagine riding along with lake views on one side, mountain views on the other and nothing around but breathtaking scenery. That is a day well spent if you ask us! Owners Dan and Michele are avid bikers and would love to share their biking tips on the best Champlain Valley trails to try. If you are just starting out, these trails could be a bit demanding so we have a few tips to keep you safe on the road:

Beginner Cycling Tips

  • Head injuries cause many cycling deaths so protect your head with a helmet at all times.
  • A longer seat with a cutout is generally the best saddle for comfort.
  • Have someone set up your bike for the proper fit for easier riding.
  • Use your gears to take stress off your knees but don’t pedal in high gear for long periods of time.
  • Don’t ride with headphones on.
  • Keep your head up and look ahead and change positions during the ride to stay comfortable.
Now you are ready to go. Our owners Dan and Michele are avid cyclists and can offer some of their favorite places to ride in this gorgeous area of Vermont so be sure to ask
before you head out. Happy riding!

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