See the Powerful Turandot Opera at Town Hall Theater – VT

In the heart of Middlebury, VT you can find a beautiful brick building that stands out amidst the surrounding landscape. It is the Town Hall Theater, a restored landmark that has become the hub for all performing arts in the city. This intimate, local theatre was once a town hall in 1883 and much dedication and love went in to restoring it to great beauty so it could be reborn and used as a theater. Many amazing performers and performances have graced the stage here and we are so pleased to share about Turandot, coming May 29, 2015.

Turandot is an opera by Giacomo Puccini and was first performed in Milan in 1926. It actually debuted a year and five months after he had died. He had only fully composed two of the three acts but had left behind many pages of sketches that were used to complete the piece.

The story of this opera, set in Beijing, revolves around the princess Turandot. She is a woman of great beauty but has a heart that is as cold as ice. She makes any suitor who seeks her hand in marriage have to answer three riddles if they fail, they are executed. The drama heightens as a prince named Calaf falls in love with the icy princess and successfully answers her riddles. She is furious though and refuses to marry him but in the end the story completes with two people who find love. This opera has powerful music and you will hear one of the most famous and well-known arias, Nessun Dorma, in this performance. Find all of the opera dates and times on the Town Hall Theater website.

Another reason we are excited to share about this opera is that our own Michele Brown, owner of Swift House Inn will be performing on stage! This will be a fantastic event for our guests to see and with our bed and breakfast being only minutes away; we will have a perfect, relaxing room ready for your return. Make a weekend out of it and enjoy some dining, shopping, and sight seeing in our gorgeous Vermont town of Middlebury!

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