A little about Dan’s Paddling Adventure in his own words

Jeff and I paddled into Ft Kent Sunday at noon, a couple of days ahead of schedule, with Michele and Susie there waiting for
us! What a great reception!! Michele and I stayed the night in Bangor then drove home yesterday; Ft Kent is a long way up there!
I’m not sure how to describe the trip. It was fantastic, beautiful, amazing, challenging, difficult, wet, cold, hot, fun and sometimes not so fun. The paddling was great, the portages and carries were challenges, the rain and wind added to the fun. Our canoe was a great choice and handled all waters. We saw so many beautiful rivers and lakes, and were continuously amazed at the beauty. There were many eagles, loons, geese, ducks, beavers, black flies, mosquitoes, a few deer and moose, and a bear. Did I say Black flies? We went through small quaint towns, large lakes, small ponds, streams, big rivers, some down stream and to many up stream. We camped most of the time but there were some nights in small motels, an Adirondack rustic hotel, cabins and with friends.
I know many of you watched the Spot positions and I’m sure at times you would wonder what we were doing, particularly when it stopped moving. There are many stories associated with those Spot positions! It was fun for us knowing that you all were following us. I will try to type up my journal and add some of the 400 pictures and make it available so you can see what the trip was like.
Thank you for your interest, for following us on Spot, and your support to Jeff and I, and particularly your support to Michele. I could not go on these adventures if it were not for Michele’s support and her running the Inn. I know that when I am gone she works harder and longer than I do. When I return she is more tired than I am!! I truly understand how lucky I am!
I have to thank Jeff for sharing in the adventure. He is a great friend and we were able to keep each other’s spirits up! His constant stroking in the bow and strength in the carries was amazing. Always take someone along who is stronger than you, and I did!
It’s time to get back to work…and start thinking what adventure will be next.

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