Day 21 Stroudsburg PA to Pine Bush NY 73 miles

DQ Grill Chill building surrounded by short green bushes, telephone poles and wires overhead with cloudy sky

Wow, probably my best day yet.  I slept in an hour since the temp was to be 38 at 7:00 and outside my comfort zone.  So I pushed off at 9:00 with the temp at 47.  I’m on the road with an under sized new front tire and some patched tubes!  I’m more comfortable now that I have gotten rid of that tire!  Still struggling some with gears and a little concern that maybe it is the rear wheel causing some of the flat problems.  I’m off the Adventure Cycling route, avoiding the hills on the NJ side and taking the 33 miles direct on route 29 to Milford where there is a Bike Shop holding my favorite and correct size tire and 2 tubes. Arrived at 12:15, and T.C. at Action Bikes and Outdoor went to work.  He was fabulous, very competent, professional and thorough, he explained everything and gave advice.  He moved my somewhat worn tire to the front, and put the new one on the back.  The rear tire takes the load and wear.  Almost all flats on a loaded bike are the rear.  T.C. replaced the cassette gear, the chain, the middle chain wheel , the shifter cable and repaired the shifter cable housing.  He worked on the bike for 2 hours, I got lunch and Jim found me a motel that was 40 miles from the shop.  I can not say enough about Action Bike and T.C., my bike felt new, no noise, perfect shifting, more efficient ride and worry free tires. I was very happy and was cruising.  Leaving the shop at 2:15 I road the 40 miles in 4 hours with about 20 minutes of stops, I averaged 11.8 miles per hour for the day.  I am 20 miles further than I expected today.  Happy, Happy.  We’ll see what I can do tomorrow!

Pictures:  my favorite stop but not yet open, a magical comfort in tonight’s motel and my $8.95 dinner at the Diner across the street.

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