Day 18 Marietta PA to Valley Forge PA 80.1 Miles

Road with telephone poles alongside, wires overhead with trees and road signs along edge

I was hoping for a day with fewer steep hills as my goal is  to arrive as early as possible at Michele’s sister and brother in laws home. The day started very cold, 47 degrees and foggy.  I almost all my warm clothes and it was still cold.  Wish I had my full finger gloves.  It warmed up quickly, and the hills were mostly just rolling.  The landscape was beautiful through the Amish country!  Isis not know one of there major crops is tobacco, and now is all in drying barns.  The closer to Philadelphia I got the farms disappeared and was more forest and housing.  I did meet a young lady today heading south on he same bike  route I am using and we shared thoughts on our rides. I learned quickly while in Amish country  there is a new obstinate to avoid on the shoulders.  Don’t want that stuff kicked up by may tires!  The day went pretty well although I felt I was really working hard, I think I was just not fueled we’ll enough after a lousy dinner last night.  The day worked out and I arrived at 4:30 to a great reception, great meal, bed and  a visit to Dairy Queen.  It is very nice to be with family!  And I get to do that tomorrow when I ride to Where Michele’s parents will pick me.  Very tired tonight.

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