Day 16 Rockville MD to Owings Mills MD 50 miles

Well another disappointing day.  With great intention and well taken care of by the Cocos family I ventured back out to finish the Rock Creek trail.  I had done some on line research about the trail. Will dropped me off and this time the trail was much easier. Then it was back to the roads.  The goal was another 85 mile day.  The roads were Very hilly with steep ups and downs.  So I spent a great deal of time standing to push up the hills and a short time sitting on the speedy downhills.  Then there was the dreaded head wind!  My speed was only averaging 10 mph were as on the flat rides I have been averaging above 12.  At 2:00 I was in Reistertown at 44 miles and 44 to go.  After some consulting with Michele, actually was admitting defeat, I decided that it would be a risk to push on.  So I went 5 miles off route, on a somewhat scary ride to a brand new Hampton Inn.  This is were I had planned to stay last night.  So I am now a whole day behind.  The early arrival has given me the opportunity to get caught up and get to bed early.  I am very tired and need sleep. I have arranged for one of the employees to give me a ride at 6:30,  5 miles back to where I left the route.  This will save some unnecessary spinning. Sorry the camera was never pulled out today.  I need a good day tomorrow.

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