Day 13. 15 miles from Richmond to just outside Fredricksburg VA. 77. 4 miles

NoSleeping on the floor of the church Sunday school room was not very comfortable, but apparently I slept OK. I did not properly set my phone alarm so it did not go off at 6:00 and I woke up at 6:40, the time I wanted to be on the road.  It was to be a hot day and I wanted an early cool start and early ride through downtown Richmond, oh well so it was a 7:40 start. The traffic and road into Richmond was not bad and the ride through the city was very nice.  The routes Adventure Cycling picks through cities are great.  I road past the Virginia Capital building, and the out bound of Richmond also was easy and I was quickly on country roads.  Lunch was at a great cafe in Ashland and with the late start at 11:30 I had only 34 miles by lunch, 40 to go!  The next 40 had some great ups and downs and a couple of the ups got may attention and my lowest gear which I have not used in a few years.  The downs were fun and none of the hills were long.  I was in the forest the entire afternoon with very few cars or trucks and no place to get water!  The day was hot, in the 90s but in the shade and moving was fine, stopping was another story.  I had the opportunity to stop for 45 minutes to repair my first flat, rear of course. I could find no reason for the flat and I have 2 spare new tubes. I also use tires that are belted, not fast but they prevent most flats! I believe the only type tires to use on these trips.  With no places for water, my three bottles were about empty and I was not drinking enough as to preserve the water I had.  I contemplated just asking someone for water.  With 3 miles to go to the KOA campsite, the Stonewall Jackson Shrine was a half mile off route, a visit I could not resist.  Run  by the National Park Service and in the middle of no where ,this was the farm building on a now none existent plantation that Jackson died of his wounds.  I really enjoyed seeing a place I had read so much about and the bonus was a water fountain. Hydrated and excited about my visit I quickly finished the 3 remaining miles.  I am at the Fredericksburg KOA, again not near anything.  So dinner was 2 non frozen and micro waved dinners, chips and ice cream, which I ate in my now familiar KOA “Kamp Cabin” , with AC, a bed and a desk.  Tomorrow it is a ride to Fort Belvoir in Northern VA, a fort that I had a 2 year tour at near the end of my career.  The route goes through the Fort and onto the start of over 50 miles of bike trail through DC. I will be staying with some friends which is a great break and I am looking forward to seeing them!

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