Day 12 (riding days) Suffolk Va to 15 miles outside Richmond. 86.5 miles

Information sign along road with text V45 Pocahontas explaining nickname of town Matoska

So after the send off I immediately entered the back roads and stayed that way all morning.  The sky was cloudy, cooler and the back roads great.  It was a good thing that I picked up a sandwich just before starting because I only passed a country store at 11:00 and then another at 4:00. At 1:00  I road a ferry from Surry Va to Jamestown, a 15 minute crossing of the James River.  The ferry docks next to the Jamestown settlement.  I immediately entered a 7 mile paved bike trail which was wonderful. Then on route 5 for 15 miles and another 7 miles of trail.  This was along route 5 and the James River.  There were numerous historical plaques about the settlement history, the plantations and the civil war. It really slowed me down to read almost all the plaques. The last couple of miles was through the 7 Day Battle Richmond Civil War Battlefields. It was late, there were hundreds of plaques and battle placements, I love learning about the war and I had to ride on.  My route maps listed a church that hosted bike riders.  I arrived at the Willis United Methodist Church at 5:45 and was met by pastor Mark.  He gave me the tour and set me up for the night.  This church hosts about 160 bicyclist a year, mostly riding the Trans America route Yorktown to Astoria.  I’m here alone tonight,  there is a shower, I will sleep on the floor of a classroom and I prepared pasta which the church provides.  This is an amazing ministry that the church provides!  Very comfortable and comforting.  Thank you Willis UMC!!!!  Today’s ride was by far the prettiest and most interesting. Tomorrows should be similar starting with a ride through Richmond at morning rush!  Then ending at a campground in Fredericksburg.


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