Day 7 Conway SC to Kure Beach NC 82 miles

Black bike with packs on front and back sitting on ferry. Person standing in front of bike with flip flops.

    At night writing the blog it is difficult to think back of the days ride and remember what the ride was like. The days run together and getting more tired makes the day’s terrain  seem a blur.  Things happen and people are what I remember. So, the weather was much hotter than forecast  at 93. My ride took me over to the beach and just skirted  Myrtle Beach then to the beach at Sunset Beach and back away until taking the ferry to Kure Beach. The roads were pretty god but I was in areas with lots of traffic, fortunately with good shoulders. I ran into a young lady who was from Australia, she had borrowed a bike and headed south from Philadelphia, without Adventure Cycling maps she was just picking her way not knowing anything of the US.  The only biking clothing or equipment was a helmut and stuff strapped to her bike.  She stayed using Warm Showers, people who open their homes. She was having a good time on her college holiday.  I ran across  the best Convenience store in the world, it had a Dairy Queen.  After the milk shake it was 3:00 and I saw a sign for the ferry 18 miles ferry departures  at 4:45 or 6:15.  Race on, next 9 miles in 30 minutes then 9 miles in 40 minutes, 20 minutes to spare to get the 4:45 ferry. I met a great young local couple and they helped me find a motel and gave some great advice!  After 7 days I fell pretty good, gaining on the saddle battle and just some tired legs. I’m at 525 total miles and on schedule to be in Virginia Beach on Friday for a weekend with my son! Possibly some rain tomorrow. Picture of bike has 2 saddles not for hitch hikers but Michele sent my old saddle down to see if it would help.  I’m good with the new one now.

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