Day 6 Monck's Corner SC to Conway SC 91.4 miles

   This was to be be a big day and long day.  This also was the first morning that was clear, so it was hot sunshine all day.  The first 25 miles were on back roads through National Forrest.  The roads were tree lined,  shady and cool.  So it was a fast 25!  After that 25 most of the ride was in the sun.  It never seems to hot to me while I’m peddling but stopping you can feel the heat.  I stop and get off the bike for lunch and usually 2 to 3 convenience store stops for more food and drink each day.  But I also stop  several times and just straddle the bike, mostly to check the route, put on sun screen, snack and always water.  This break just gets me out of the saddle for 1 to 5 minutes.  I carry the 2 water bottles and the electrolyte drink bottle and I’ll take of drink out of these every few minutes while riding. I try never to feel thirsty.  I stopped in Andrews SC at 11:00 for lunch.  I choose a McDonalds not for the food but a cool place to sit. I was at 40 miles with a long 50 to go and was tired, I had not eaten enough in the morning.  Refueled and renewed I set out to push the afternoon and that worked. I made 2 short store stops for drinks and arrived in Conway at 5:00, at least an hour ahead of what I planned.  The last 17 miles motivated me. The road was 2 lanes, no shoulders and way to much traffic.  I pushed as hard as I could to finish, the cars were way to close.  I sprinted 3 miles, get of the road, drink and rest for 3 minutes then back on. My average speed today was 12.6   Which is great for me on the loaded heavy bike.  Sill struggling to with photo sharing between iPad an iPhone.  I’ll try to figure it out!

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