Day 5 South Point SC to Monck's Corner SC 82 miles

White building in the distance through foggy, rainy conditions. Red and blue car in distance by store, 2 Lane road

    I was up and out on the road  at 7:10 with my old saddle on the bike.  It was very foggy but with good enough visibility that I thought OK to ride. I only ride with iridescent yellow jersey which are much easier to see especially in low visibility.   My goal was to get in a good morning before the heat. With the fog the water was accumulating on me, the bike, and particularly the glasses.  Not sure what I saw in the morning but most of the sights were not to interesting, just miles of back roads and some stretches of highway that were not to bad.   Passing through Waterboro I was talking  to Michele on the phone and missed a turn which added a couple of miles, oh well just keep riding, in the correct direction.   A  10:00 Am lunch was followed by a 1:30 lunch and I was at 60 miles. In Ridgeville I found a good sub shop and put my feet up with a tuna sub.  No surprise to those who know me.  Pulled into Monck’s Corner at 5:00 and am now at a laundromat washing bike clothing.  It is extremely important to keep these clothes clean to prevent problems.  Wearing bike shorts for 10 is an incubator!  Every day I pass by  numerous churches of all denominations.  Well not many of our New England church denominations.  They are always very neat and mostly along the back roads with little around. I always wonder how large the congregation is and I enjoy their scripture note on the marquis.  Very comforting to see and read.  My saddle seems to be winning and the armadillos are still loosing.  Below is a ,picture of the typical back road country stores I’ve been stopping at and an idea for lawn decorations.

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