Day 2 Aug 28 Nahunta GA to Reidsville GA. 80.5 miles

Mossy lake with dock and Alligator WarningSign with tall trees in distance.

    Getting ready to leave this morning from the fabulous Knox hotel.  Ms Blanche was waiting for me at the front desk just before 7:00 a.m.  Sunrise is at 7:00 so an early start is the best. Ms Blanche is not only wonderful but very funny.  We exchanged one liners and were both laughing! She had a bag of fresh boiled peanuts for me and even held my bike so I could put air in the tires. We hugged goodbye and she said I was one of the best guests she has had.  That’s good for me being an Innkeeper!  The ride was through some tough 2-lane highways but mostly back country roads with pine forests, planted for paper making, some of which were being cut 5 at a time and loaded onto the trucks.  I also rode past many fields of peanuts and large pecan trees.  I arrived in Reidsville at about 5:00 p.m. with the temperature at 94 degrees; the temperature is not bad as long as the bike is moving.  This was to be my first night camping, and it was at a GA state park near the town.  Since it was a mile walk from the campsite to food, I ate prior to entering the park.  And just outside the park was a Dairy Queen.  Not sure it gets better. Those who know me know my love of DQ! The park was very nice on a small  lake, and very quiet with only 2 other campers.  Set up went well but it was hot.  Sitting in the tent was also hot, even at 10:00 p.m., but cooled off later as I woke and got into my very light silk sleeping bag liner. Tomorrow is either a 35 mile ride or 115, due to availability of places to stay; I’ll take the 35.  The people of Georgia are wonderful, very friendly.  Many ask me questions and wish me a safe ride.  A Pepsi truck driver gave me 2 bottles of water and offered as many as I could carry.  Riding solo is somewhat lonely but people from Georgia are great!

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