Jax to Middlebury Ride Day 1-August 27

Biker wearing helmet with black shorts, yellow shirt and standing over bike.

   So after planning and training for months I am of with a sunrise start at the Jacksonville airport.  The first day is always a big challenge and I have set an aggressive first day goal to Nahunta GA a distance of 70 miles.  The first several miles are along busy 2 lane highways mostly heading into the city asI head   north.  The looking trucks show up early but again the full ones are heading in the opposite direction.  I was happy to arrive in Folkston Ga for lunch after 40 miles and had a great start with the cloudy skies and lower morning temperatures.  No matter how much I ride to train, first day soreness starts quick, with mostly arm and hands.  The legs feel great and the saddle is already making an impact on sitting.  The afternoon is almost all back county roads, little traffic and no towns or stores, as will be most of the route.  The roads are flat and not much to see.  As I discovered on my last trip there are many very small churches.  Only one dog chase, but it was 3 together, this is a challenge in the south!  The afternoon was a challenge with heat and tired.  I did not eat or drink nearly enough as I just was just not Hungary and water was hard to drink.  But I did consume over 110 ounces and do carry 1 of the 3 bottles with an electrolyte replacement drink.  I arrived in Nahunta an stayed at the only lodging the 12 room Knox Hotel, a very nice  and very clean hotel run by Ms Blanche and her husband who have been married for 58 years, fabulous! I need sleep so it is off to bed.  Tomorrow will be hotter and an 80 plus mile day.

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