Biking Jacksonville FL to Middlebury Day 0-August 26

Black bike with yellow packs front and red packs on back leaning against a blue garage.

As the owner of the Swift House Inn, I do not get many free days but I do get the opportunity to have some great adventures, thanks to Michele.  When I leave the Inn she has much more to do along with her own busy days!  So I am starting the blog by thanking her for allowing me to bike.

    I will be embarking on a solo ride from Jacksonville FL, home to Middlebury, a total of over 1700 miles on the Adventure Cycling Atlantic Coast route. I will break off the route in Massachusetts   and head north through Vermont. I’m asked why and why alone.  Why not, I like to bike and these rides are a great physical, and mental challenge. Not really fun but you learn a lot about yourself, have to push yourself and get to eat a lot!  I’d much rather ride with a friend as it can be lonely, but again you learn and meet many people on a solo ride.

    Today in Jacksonville I visited my Grand Daughters kindergarten and first grade classes and talked to the class about the ride. They had fabulous questions; where do you go to the bathroom, how big is you tent, have you ever seen a bear, a  cheetah, and many other fun ones, great imaginations.
    The ride will mostly be through country roads, avoiding highways ( well mostly), small towns and some cities such as Washington.  Most riding meals will be out of convenience stores and hopefully at night a restaurant.  I will be staying in some motels, camping and staying with friends and family who are close to the route.
    So if you have a chance follow along, as I’m sure that there will be many interesting and funny things to blog about.  Comment on the blog, ask questions and send me an e mail.  I will try to keep up with the information but time off the bike is almost as busy as on the bike, recovering and getting ready for the next day.  Thanks for your interest.  Dan

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